06/09/2011 04:31 pm ET | Updated Aug 09, 2011

Frost/Karger: Long Shot Candidate Tells Sir David That Romney Is 'Yesterday's News,' Obama A 'Failure'

Long-shot Presidential candidate Fred Karger has had to roam far afield to get some media coverage for his campaign, but hey, how does an interview with the Sir David Frost grab you? Could he interest you in a little of that?

Karger and Frost had their tete-a-tete last Friday on Al Jazeera English, as Karger was swinging through Sacramento on a fundraising tour. Karger reiterated his hopes to reach out to younger voters and restore a sense of "optimism" to the Republican party. "The kind of mainstream Republican party, 65-and-up voter has not been quite as enthusiastic about my candidacy," Karger drolly noted. (Mainstream Republican voters will also probably not thrill to statements like, "I was a maxed-out donor to Hillary Clinton [in 2008].")

Karger told Frost that one of the lessons he learned from Ronald Reagan -- on whose campaign Karger served as a consultant -- was what Karger termed his "never say die" attitude: "He came into office when the country was in dire straits ... but he kept that American spirit up."

Karger offered some opinions on the other GOP candidates, who form what Karger says is a "mediocre field." He was quick to hit Mitt Romney, as is his wont, calling him "yesterday's news," adding "I don't think he can cut it." Karger deemed President Barack Obama's efforts at restoring economic optimism to have been a "miserable failure." As for Sarah Palin, Karger took a pretty traditional Republican line: he likes her just fine, she excites the party, he hopes she runs, but would not "speculate" as to whether he would choose her as his Vice President. (Here's a reminder: it didn't work out the last time someone tried that!)

Karger intimated that he would be "filing some papers next week" in Massachusetts about Romney's residency. "He's kind of fudged a lot in his political career and I'm going to be calling him out on that." Interesting!

"That was smashing," Frost said of Karger.

[WATCH, interview begins at the 16:56 mark]

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