06/10/2011 11:11 am ET | Updated Aug 10, 2011

10 Industries With The Most Job Postings:

In this relatively jobless economic recovery, it can often feel like no one is hiring. But some industries are, in fact, looking to expand their workforce.

According to job search aggregator's tracking of industry employment trends, 11 industries posted more job listings in May than during the previous month. watches job postings across 13 industries, such as health care, media and retail, using over 10,000 job sources worldwide, including listings from private companies and websites like

With a quarterly increase of 33 percent, the transportation industry has the fastest-growing demand for workers, and manufacturing is also on the rise with a 20 percent increase. But it's health care with 862,890 jobs postings last month that is by far the most dominant job creator.

Others, however, haven't been so lucky. Due to the current housing crisis, real estate saw a quarterly percentage decline in job postings of 16 percent, or a 11 percent year-over-year decline. With troubles of its own, the only other industry to see a decline is financial services and banking.

Despite real estate's poor numbers, construction saw a surprisingly strong job listing increase in May, But construction job postings still can't keep up the number of construction workers looking for work. Last month, nearly 6 million clicks on were associated with people looking for construction jobs.

Below are the top ten industries with the most job postings according to

Top Ten Industries With The Most Job Postings