06/10/2011 05:02 pm ET | Updated Aug 10, 2011

Accused Rapist Claims He Was Acting Out Woman's Fantasy

A man accused of breaking into a woman's suburban Chicago home, raping her at gunpoint, threatening to kill her and stealing her Cartier watch says that he was only acting out her sexual fantasy.

Matthew Schaffer, 33, testified in his own defense on Thursday, contradicting the accuser's testimony and describing his encounter with his alleged 31-year-old victim as fully consensual.

In her earlier testimony, the woman said that she had woken up in her apartment to find a man wearing rubber gloves and pantyhose as a mask standing over her bed. She said he was brandishing a 2-inch knife and a small gun, which police later discovered was a toy, the suburban Daily Herald reports.

According to her account, the stranger raped her, threatened her, and stole the watch. It was later recovered by its serial number at a pawn shop, where Schaffer sold it using his passport as identification, according to a Chicago Tribune story after his arrest.

At his testimony on Thursday, though, Schaffer told a different story. He said the two met when he sold her marijuana in December of 2009, and that she called him months later looking to buy again. She described domination fantasies to him, and the two engaged in a mutual sexual encounter, he reportedly testified. The alleged victim then gave him her Cartier watch as payment for the pot, he claimed.

DNA evidence links Schaffer to the crime, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, and a Wheeling, Illinois detective testified that Schaffer said as he was being fingerprinted, "I should have killed that girl."

Closing arguments are expected Friday.