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Anonymous Hacker Group Warns Spain: 'Expect Us'

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After Spanish police arrested three alleged hackers thought to be a part of group Anonymous, Anonymous has come out with a message for Spain.

"V for Spain... We are Legion, so EXPECT US ," they tweeted. The same sentiment was echoed on their blog.

The hackers are suspected to have been involved in attacks against two Spanish banks, the governments of Egypt, Libya, Iran, and more, as well as against Sony's PlayStation Network. The police have isolated a computer server in one of their homes that was used in such hacks, however the police have not yet found evidence that the men had acquired any sensitive data.

According to the AP, the three men were charged with being involved in attempted attacks on the country's electoral commission website:

In Spain, acting on their own, the three detainees staged cyber attacks on the website of Spain's central electoral commission a few days before local and regional elections on May 22, that of the regional police force in the northeast Catalonia region and a major Spanish labor union.

The night before the election, the three men tried to shut down the web pages of Spain's two main political parties and that of the Spanish parliament but were thwarted by police, Vazquez said.

This would not be the first time Anonymous has vowed revenge. Attacks against Visa, Mastercard, PayPal earlier this year were in retaliation for those organizations locking out WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. More recently, Anonymous threatened NATO for its condemnation of the hacker group.

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