06/09/2011 04:11 pm ET | Updated Aug 10, 2011

Bonnaroo 2011 Bingo: 17 Funny Festival Things To Look For (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

What happens when you drop 80,000 party people, hundreds of great entertainers, this guy and ... um ... other "party favors" onto a farm in Tennessee? The craziness we've also come to know as Bonnaroo.

Bonnaroo has become a mainstay on the summer music festival circuit, this year celebrating its 10th anniversary with the likes of Buffalo Springfield and Arcade Fire. And, of course, you never know who might drop in or what to expect.

With that in mind, we've decided to make a little game for you to play between sets. Here's our list of the top 17 craziest things you might see at Bonnaroo -- keep your eyes peeled!

Funniest Things You Might See At Bonnaroo