06/10/2011 01:50 pm ET | Updated Aug 10, 2011

Paul Scheer Reads Jim Belushi's 'Real Men According To Jim' (AUDIO)

If you somehow forgot to pick up a copy of Jim Belushi's latest book, "Real Men According to Jim," don't worry. Paul Scheer has given us the greatest gift of all by reading excerpts of Belushi's book, in which the "According to Jim" star gives his opinions on various topics. Also, Jim Belushi seems like he has some insane views.

Scheer, a comedian best known as a cast member on "Human Giant" and "The League," explains in the first excerpt uploaded on Monday that he found the book so amazingly dumb that he felt it necessary to read a random passage and post the recording on SoundCloud. The first excerpt is an overview of Belushi's belief that most of America's woes are a result of women getting the right to vote. Yes, really.

The additional excerpts are just as amazing: the "According to Jim" star gives an overview of his views of imagining coworkers during sex, how to fight with your girlfriend, how to properly kiss a woman (hint: however you want to), and more. Suffice to say, Belushi may have some problems with the female sex.

Check out the clips below.

LISTEN: Paul reads Jim's opinions on women's suffrage.

Paul Reads Jim Belushi's Book About Men by PaulScheer

LISTEN: Paul reads Jim's NSFW description of coworker fantasies.

Paul reads Jim Belushi's Real Men by PaulScheer

LISTEN: Paul reads Jim's feelings on kissing, beer and sex.

Day 3 - Jim on Kissing, Beer and Sex by PaulScheer

LISTEN: Paul reads Jim's instructions on how to fight with your girlfriend.

Day 4 - How to Fight w/ your Girlfriend by PaulScheer