06/13/2011 04:31 pm ET | Updated Aug 13, 2011

Christina Ricci Poses For Visionaire 60 RELIGION (PHOTO)

Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci sidestepped all of that Dior gossip for some time and played the role of editor for Visionaire's most recent edition, "Religion," available now on

Co-founder Cecilia Dean told The Huffington Post, "Riccardo was a fantastic and very involved guest editor. At the beginning, he presented hundreds of inspirational images, and lists of artists young and old, established and emerging and potential collaborations to pursue. He had a real focused vision. From the very beginning, he wanted only black & white images and no fashion. The thrilling part of working with a guest editor is that we have the opportunity to adopt someone else's vision. We become a platform for his visual expression which is, naturally, different from ours. This means, we produced an issue of Visionaire that is part and parcel of what we do and yet an issue we could not have conceived of on our own."

We asked Dean if any segments of the magazine stood out more than others. She insisted, "I love the whole issue. I think the variety of images works so well together. Each image takes on another meaning within the context of RELIGION. I especially love the story conceived by the super talented Italian stylist Giovanna Battaglia -- a series of photographs of one of Riccardo's favorite models, Lea T, photographed by Pierpaolo Ferrari. For me, these images embody the issue: modern & tradition, life & death, male & female, fashion & art, and, ultimately, celebratory."

We were able to pick our favorite photograph quite quickly -- take a look at Christina Ricci by Daniele + Iango with Luigi Murenu for Visionaire 60 RELIGION guest edited by Riccardo Tisci. (Styling by Joanne Blades, makeup by Virginia Young and hair by Luigi Murenu).