06/13/2011 10:32 am ET | Updated Aug 13, 2011

Michael Hancock, Denver Mayor-Elect, Dismisses Allegations That Surfaced In 2008

Mayor-elect Michael Hancock has continued to deflect accusations that he was a client of a former Denver prostitution business, Denver Players and Denver Sugar escort services, as previous allegations of soliciting prostitutes resurface from 2008.

7News reports that in 2008 the Denver City Attorney’s Office became aware that Michael Hancock’s car was seen near an escort club and was being investigated by police for potential illicit behavior. 9News interviewed Hancock off-camera in 2008 after his name had surfaced in the investigation of the Denver Players/Sugar, to which then city councilman Hancock denied ever being involved with the escort services, according to The Denver Post.

But, the 2008 investigation proved fruitless against Hancock, although it did lead to the resignation of Chief U.S. District Judge Edward Nottingham who was accused of being a client of Denver Players/Sugar. David Fine, 2008 City Attorney that was part of the investigation, said in a statement to 7News about that investigation into Hancock at the time:

I was aware of the issue. Nothing came to my attention that required the resources of the city attorney’s office.

Amber Miller, a spokeswoman for Hancock goes even further to say in a statement to The Denver Post that these rumors about Hancock were “addressed and disproven in 2008. These were untrue rumors in 2008, and they are untrue rumors in 2011. [The rumor] was shopped to several news organizations in the final days of the election by a convicted felon who admits he has an agenda against Michael.”

Hancock himself criticizes the attention that these allegations have gotten due to the criminal source that has brought them to the light, Scottie J. Ewing, owner of Denver Players and Denver Sugar. In an email release to his supporters and as a post on his website, Hancock shares Miller’s sentiments stating that the accusations are “baseless and completely untrue, allegations leveled by a convicted felon.” Hancock also tries to move the debate forward by staying focused on his duties as mayor:

At the same time, I must also focus on the urgent and important work of transitioning from candidate to mayor. I will be sworn in as Denver’s 45th mayor on July 18. We have just 37 days to build an administration and prepare to hit the ground running on Day 1. I’m excited about Denver’s future and the possibilities ahead.