06/13/2011 08:44 am ET | Updated Aug 13, 2011

The States With The MOST College Educated Legislators

Should state lawmakers all be college graduates, or should they have about the same level of education as the people they represent?

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published a report on the education level of our state lawmakers.

It turns out state legislatures stack up pretty well compared to the rest of the US. Although only 28% of American adults have bachelors degrees, 74.7% of all state lawmakers do. However, the state legislature's education level pales compared to our federal government's. For contrast, all but four congress people have gone to college, and 3 out of 4 senators have advanced degrees.

The Chronicle has more:

In Washington, 1 out of 30 people have a Yale degree.

Check out the slide show below of the states with the most college educated state legislators and then tell us, do you think it is important for state legislators to have a bachelor's degree? Weigh in below.