06/13/2011 03:09 pm ET | Updated Aug 13, 2011

WATCH: Su Meck Graduates Montgomery College Almost 20 Years After Her Memory Was Erased

Su Meck was 22-years-old when a ceiling fan fell on her head and wiped out her memory. 23 years later, however, at the age of 45, Meck is graduating Montgomery College with a degree in music. She will continue her education at Smith College in Massachusetts in the fall.

The Daily Mail has more on the nature of Meck's injury:

When she regained consciousness, a scan of her brain showed it was full of cracks and her husband described it as 'like shaken jelly'.

The injury left her with complete retrograde amnesia, the inability to remember the past, a condition sometimes called Hollywood amnesia because it seldom happens outside the movies.
Mrs Meck's case was extreme. She didn't recognise her husband or her children, she couldn't read or do very much for herself and she could speak only a few words and phrases.

Meck had to re-learn almost everything she used to know how to do by second nature.

"It was literally like she had died," Jim Meck, Su's husband, told the Washington Post. "Her personality was gone." However, as he told the Today Show, she's "a much kinder person than she was then."


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