06/13/2011 05:19 pm ET Updated Aug 13, 2011

Wayne Rooney Sings Karaoke In Barbados (VIDEO)

With an EPL-title-winning campaign firmly in the rear-view, Wayne Rooney now appears to be fully focused on having fun this offseason.

The Sun recently got its hands on some video of the Manchester United star singing karaoke in the Barbados. Wayne sings a little Queen, some Beatles, and some Oasis in the medley.

Although his vocal abilities aren't in the same galaxy as his footballing skills, Rooney shows little hesitation in belting out song after song.

The karaoke video is also some of the first footage seen yet of Rooney's new head of hair. The Nike star famously had a hair transplant shortly after his soccer season concluded. He tweeted a photo update just a few days ago to show his fans just how the new 'do is coming along.

WATCH: [Via Dirty Tackle]