06/14/2011 01:23 pm ET | Updated Aug 14, 2011

Google Voice Search For Desktop Announced

A new search feature from Google could make people start yelling at their screens.

At its Inside Search press conference, Google announced that it would make its voice search technology, previously available only on mobile devices, available for desktop search.

Google demonstrated how the new feature would enable users to click a button to the right of the search box, speak their queries, then see the results--all without ever typing in a query.

Google's voice search was able to distinguish between "Worcester, Mass" and "Wooster College." It was also able to distinguish long queries such as "translate to Spanish 'Where can I buy a hamburger in this neighborhood?'"

Users on Twitter were bemused by the change.

@DJLitten tweeted, "Google announces voice search on your desktop. Screaming at your laptop now more productive than ever."

"Google voice search for the desktop could TOTALLY make you the most annoying person in your office," @Gizmodo wrote on Twitter.

The new search feature highlights Google's effort to increase the speed with which queries are performed. Read more about Google's announcements here.


See a screenshot of what Google's voice search for desktop will look like.