06/14/2011 12:28 pm ET | Updated Aug 14, 2011

Kathie Lee Shows Joe Zee How To Work The Rabbit (VIDEO)

Hoda Kotb, Kathie Lee Gifford and Joe Zee shared a special moment on "The Today Show" on Tuesday morning.

The always-charming Elle Creative Director -- seriously, we don't think we've ever seen this man not smiling -- walked Hoda and Kathie Lee through a Father's Day gift guide, showcasing products like a Timex watch, a solar-powered cell phone charger and other dad-appropriate doodads.

The highlight, however, is a product called The Rabbit (please see the, uh, sex toy with the same name). At 1:21, Zee excitedly introduces the fun, cylindrical gadget that uses high-tech power to unscrew wine bottles more efficiently. Zee's exchange with the ladies:

Joe Zee: THIS! This is my favorite! This is for you ladies, too. So this is what we call the Rabbit --

Hoda, to Kathie Lee: You know this?

Kathie Lee: I have one!

Hoda: She's very familiar with this, you're not going to surprise her!

Kathie Lee: One of them brings out the cork, the other one, well... [laughing] yeah, yeah...

Oh, K.L., you are the expert! Zee proceeds to attempt to use The Rabbit but can't seem to get it to work, prompting Kathie to swoop right in -- "I'm embarrassed I know this!" -- and do it herself.

And so, Kathie gets The Rabbit whirring. "Somebody's been doing this a couple times!" laughs Zee. But the cork is only partially unscrewed! "I didn't take quite enough time with it," says Kathie, "It's delicate."

End scene.


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