06/14/2011 04:01 pm ET | Updated Aug 14, 2011

Ryan LeVin Jailed In Illinois: Convicted Of Double Homicide, Serving Time For Parole Violation

The son of an ultra-wealthy Illinois family turned himself in at the Stateville Correctional Center on Monday, after pleading guilty to the hit-and-run killings of two pedestrians during a drag race in Florida two years ago.

But Ryan LeVin isn't serving jail time for those killings. Instead, he's in custody for parole violations, for which he'll likely face around six months.

A judge in Broward County, Florida stunned many observers by sentencing LeVin to two years' house arrest in one of his parents' two luxury beachfront condos in the murders, after LeVin pled guilty and cut checks for undisclosed amounts to the victims' families.

Newspapers from Miami to the Chicago area -- home of LeVin's multimillionaire parents -- to the victims' native Britain railed against the sentence, describing it as a classic case of checkbook justice.

Before he can serve his house arrest, though, he will have to face the music in Illinois (even if it's a pretty short tune).

At the time of his hit-and-run killings in Florida, LeVin was on probation for a previous reckless driving incident, in which he swiped a cop with his car, then led police on a lengthy car chase that included driving the wrong way down Chicago's Kennedy Expressway.

By turning up in Florida, LeVin was in violation of his parole agreement. The Illinois Department of Corrections thus asked for his extradition from Florida to serve the rest of his term here. His prison term here is expected to last no more than six months.