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David Moye

The Beer Belt And Other Wacky Father's Day Gifts (PHOTOS)

Beer Buckle

First Posted: 06/15/11 04:02 PM ET Updated: 11/15/11 05:42 AM ET

As nice as the thought behind Father's Day is, the business community hasn't really figured out how to market it.

Mother's Day is the biggest day of the year for restaurants, but Father's Day is a big day for barbecuing.

So Mom gets a day off on her day, and when Dad's special day comes, he has to slave over a hot grill ... after assembling it, of course.

Mother's Day is a day that is supposed to bring the family together to celebrate the love and support that Mom unselfishly shares with every member of the family.

Father's Day, on the other hand, is a day when we celebrate what a goofball Dad is, with wacky gadgets, bizarre shirts or bacon and beer.

Luckily, AOL Weird News is here to help you give Pop a gift that says something more personal than "Happy Father's Day." Our suggestions will allow you to say touching things like, "I hope to speed up your heart attack," "I want to protect your nuts from radiation," or "Here's an $80 bottle opener made from an old tennis racket."

Radiation-blocking Underwear
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You wouldn't be here without the work of your Dad's precious jewels, and if you and Pop fear what airport scanner radiation could do to them, then you might want to consider the radiation-blocking underwear made by Rocky Flats Gear. The company has many tasteful radiation-deflecting styles, including some featuring a fig leaf in a strategically placed area. Your civil liberties may be violated, but your balls are safe! The company also makes sports bras for women.
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