Facebook Photo-Sharing IPhone App Could Be Trouble For Instagram, Color, Path And More: Report (UPDATE)

06/15/2011 11:52 am ET | Updated Aug 15, 2011

UPDATE: TechCrunch has added screenshots of what appear to be Facebook's robust photo-sharing app.

Facebook-like features include "location elements, likes and comments, multi-picture mode, filters, multi-user albums, face-tagging, and more."

Visit TechCrunch to get a good look at what may very well be Facebook's next big release.


PREVIOUSLY: Facebook may soon release a photo-sharing app for iPhone, according to TechCrunch.

The app is "awesome," TechCrunch says, based on leaked images and documents the site received of the product.

The app is apparently called "Hovertown" or "WithPeople" internally, and it seems to be separate from the site's general iPhone app.

Facebook, which is nearing 700 million users globally, sees six billion photos uploaded each month and will soon reach one hundred billion photos on the site.

Facebook's potential app could threaten the numerous other photo-sharing apps already on the market. According to TechCrunch's sneak peek, Facebook has apparently taken several cues from some of the most popular apps. Writes TechCrunch, "[the app] appears to be Path meets Instagram meets Color meets (Path’s new side project) With."

Path, Color and Instagram each rely on social elements for photo-sharing. Color, which recently lost co-founder Peter Pham, lets users upload photos and see uploads for users in their vicinity. Instagram, which just hit 5 million users, provides filters for users to alter the photos they take. Path's With builds photo-sharing on top of Twitter.