06/17/2011 01:49 pm ET | Updated Aug 16, 2011

Army Soldiers In Indiana Forced To Wait For Other States' Leftover Disability Money (VIDEO)

When Dustin Boyce tried to chase down a disability check that never came this month, he was simply told he'd eventually get paid.

Boyce is one of 20 soldiers in Indiana who has not received his in-cap (incapacitation) check this month, according to WLFI. He suffers from nerve damage and chronic pain from an injury he sustained during a training exercise in 2003.

Boyce tells WLFI that he relies on the disability checks as income.

"That's what we count on for all of our bills and that's our money to live off of month to month."

Col. Lee Baker, director of Army personnel for the Indiana Army National Guard, said possible reasons payment wasn't sent could be the delay in approving the federal budget or the difficulty in budgeting for the in-cap fund.

"It's hard to come up with an exact number. We kind of are guessing on how many soldiers we think are going to be injured and who will need to draw from this fund."

He also said some states use in-cap money faster than others and that Indiana soldiers who receive the funds will have to wait for leftovers from others states after they're audited.

Baker said he was told that this month's checks would go out July 8 or July 10 at the earliest but that the Guard is working to get them out sooner.


Soldier waits for disability payment: