06/16/2011 02:05 pm ET | Updated Aug 16, 2011

Baby Bikinis: Cute Or Completely Inappropriate?

When beach-goers show off their bikini bodies, they are usually over 6-months old.

That might not be the case much longer. Thanks to a range of two-piece swimsuits being designed for babies as young as three months old, your infant can sport her very own itty bitty teeny weeny number. Baby bikinis come in a baffling array of styles: leopard print is a common theme, and many come with side ties and sparkles. Perhaps inevitably, you can now purchase a bathing suit for your baby with "Juicy" monogrammed on the butt.

Are these suits adorable or utterly creepy? Check out the ones we've shown below — all currently for sale — and decide for yourself.

Bikinis For Your Baby?