Destin-Nation Argentina: No, We Won't Eat Vegetables! (PHOTOS)

08/17/2011 07:02 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

Shortly after the Spanish arrived in Argentina in the 1500s, Jesuit missionaries discovered that the pampas grasslands were perfect for raising cattle to feed their missions in less friendly climes. Herds have dominated the landscape ever since and grass-fed cows have made Argentina a watchword for meat eaters in the know. Their diet is a source of pride for many Argentinians so travelers will also have no trouble finding someone willing to help them talk to the butcher.

Buenos Aires' increasing prominence as a cultural capital has resulted in a recent influx of tourists and in the capital becoming a fairly easy place to get to from the U.S. Traditionally travelers had flown to Rio de Janeiro or other major South American cities and caught Aerolineas Argentina flights, but now American Airlines is offering direct round trip flights to Ezeiza Airport from New York for as little as $1200.

Photo: sbassi/Flickr

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