06/16/2011 03:44 pm ET | Updated Aug 16, 2011

Two If By Tea: Rush Limbaugh Releases Paul Revere-Themed Tea

Rush Limbaugh will soon release his own brand of sweet tea, to be called "Two If By Tea," in honor of the famous Paul Revere-via-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow chant. Limbaugh was kind enough to release a mission statement for the brand, in which he warns, "The Liberals are coming! The Liberals are coming! ... Two If By Tea™ represents traditional American values of capitalism and the pursuit of excellence." It's possible that the tea represents Limbaugh's effort to capitalize on that whole new "tea party trend," especially given its Colonial flair. If so, though, someone might want to buy Limbaugh a 5th grade history book. The Tea Party was about ditching British-taxed tea altogether, not switching over to tea brands owned by conservatives.

Still, what are the prospects for the success for "Two If By Tea?"The timing, right between Sarah Palin's Revere gaffe and the Fourth of July, when sweet tea consumption is sure to be high, couldn't be better. The flavors (Original Sweet Tea, Diet Original Tea, Raspberry Tea, and Diet Raspberry Tea) and distribution (it's only available on Limbaugh's website, for $23.76 a case) could. Given that Limbaugh's net worth has been estimated at $300 million, though, we're not going to lose sleep over the exact outlines of the revenue figures.

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