06/17/2011 01:24 pm ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

The Best TV Dads Through The Decades: A Father's Day Tribute (VIDEO)

With Father's Day upon us, it's natural to take some time to appreciate all of the wonderful things our dads have done for us over the years; homework help, advice in a pinch, keeping that ding in the car a secret from mom.

But it's also important to remember our TV fathers. They taught us life skills like how to deal with the geek next door, dance to Bobby Brown songs, and gracefully burn our hands on a corn ball machine, all while never being around to tell us to clean our rooms. It was kind of the perfect scenario.

In the spirit of celebrating TV fathers, the people over at My Dad Is a Bro have put together this extensive compilation of the best TV dads of the past six decades, and there's a lot of wisdom packed into these eight minutes.

So here's to all of the dads this Father's Day, real and fictional.


Via Buzzfeed

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