Denver's Genesee Park Bison Herd Only One In The World (VIDEO)

06/17/2011 06:15 pm ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

Ever wonder about that random herd of Bison as you drive west on I-70? You know the one: exit 254, in the midst of Genesee Park, just as the road ices over and fog always lingers (somehow regardless of season). The one you drive past at 75mph and, though it sounds interesting, have never stopped.

What's the history? In 1914, after decades of hunting that had nearly left bison extinct, Denver created the bison park as a tourist attraction. The bison were originally sourced from Yellowstone National Park, and are considered one of the country's wildest herds (meaning they have no domesticated cattle traits).

Despite their wildness, metro-area police and firefighters used to sneak up the mountain and serve one of the bulls, "Nickel," cream soda. "He could hear the crack of a can a mile away. He'd be running," said Matt Brown, the herd manager of Nickel.

Genesee Park totals 2,413 acres, though the 33 bison herd only occupy 743 acres.

NBC Nightly News recently profiled the herd in a piece, noting it's the only city-owned free roaming bison herd in the world.