06/17/2011 04:00 pm ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

Prom Now Costs Over $800 On Average, Leaving Out Many Teens

Prom is supposed to be an important day in a teenager's life, but it costs a lot money to make that night special.

According to a survey by Visa, the average family with a teen who went to prom this year spent around $807.

The dress, the tux, shoes, hair and makeup, nails, super stretch Hummer party limo, dinner, after parties, photographs, flowers, and the list goes on. These are the items that have American families opening their wallets for one night of fun.

But prom is a luxury, and it's one that nearly a quarter of families can't afford, reports CNN Money.

In recent years, prom time has come to mean nauseating news segments on wealthy teens and their families who spend well over the national average, shelling out thousands on the event.

The economy is far from recovered and many families can't spend the extra money just on even mere prom essentials, like tickets that are now priced like stadium size concert tickets going for $150 in some cases.

No doubt many kids feel left out of what they've been told repeatedly is the most magical night of their teenage lives, but some teens are making a night to remember for themselves.

Students like Brionn Flot-Warner of Houston, planned a smaller party for students who couldn't afford their school's prom, where in the end more student attended the econo-prom than the the real one, reports CNN Money.