06/17/2011 10:45 am ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Is "Cone-ing" A Hilarious New Prank Trend Or Just A Waste Of Ice Cream?

The newest “web craze" is apparently something called “cone-ing.” That's where a wacky young person grabs a soft-serve ice cream cone by the ice-cream and eats it upside down, cone first.

Fast food servers are all shocked that a customer would grab an ice-cream cone by the part of an ice-cream cone you're not supposed to grab.

“Cone-ing” wants to become the new "planking," a prank where crazy young kids lay face down in various outrageous places, like the middle of the street. It was also a "web craze," especially to those who were into "planking." I think a "web craze" is something that happens and then you find out it happens weeks after it's happened.

Apparently, it’s easy to start a prank “web craze.” You just do something weird when someone doesn't expect it.