Rob Corddry Talks To Vice About 'Childrens Hospital' (VIDEO)

06/17/2011 12:57 pm ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

Vice posted this delightful and hilarious interview with Rob Corddry, where Thobey Campion has a beer (or five) with the "Childrens Hospital" star as part of their "VBS Meets..." series. The uncensored, booze-fueled interview covers Corddry's first taste of making people laugh, what it was like working as a correspondent on "The Daily Show" and how a dislocated shoulder and the Writers Strike of 2007 led to his current show on Adult Swim, "Childrens Hospital."

Check out the full interview below, and watch out for the part where Corddry (jokingly) reveals that before drinking, they had taken "a ton of cocaine."


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