Denver City Council To Vote On Backyard Farm Animals Tonight

06/20/2011 05:59 pm ET | Updated Aug 20, 2011
  • Andrea Rael Associate Denver Editor, The Huffington Post

The Denver City Council voted Monday night on the "Backyard Chicken" proposal. If it passes, Denver residents may be allowed up to eight chickens or ducks and two goats in their backyard without a zoning permit.

City councilors approved the ordinance in a 7 to 3 vote Monday, allowing up to six food-producing animals on their property. Of the six animals, a maximum of two can be goats.


From 9News:

A final decision by the council on the proposal was supposed to be made last Monday night, but so many council members were absent, so the council decided to push the decision off until tonight. However, the public was able to weigh-in on the issue on June 13.

Supporters want to be able to produce their own eggs, but opponents say Denver is not rural enough for farm animals.

The proposal is reminiscent of the city ordinance to legalize backyard beekeeping, which passed Denver's City Council in 2008. Legalized beekeeping created a surge of environmentally-concerned beekeepers and hive shops like To Bee Or Not To Bee.

Likewise, a quick Google search of "backyard chickens" produces almost 1 million results of how-to's and tips for raising backyard hens and producing eggs.

Councilmember Jeanne Faatz, who is not voting for the proposal told 9News that she conducted an informal survey in her area and found that 79 percent of residents were opposed to the idea, citing concerns about smells and predators.

"People who have contacted me today who have just discovered this is up are telling me I chose to live in the city, not a rural area, and I don't want farm animals next to me," Faatz said.

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