06/21/2011 03:18 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Duped Dope Smoker Avoids Arrest When He Purchases Real Grass Instead Of Pot

A 58-year-old man in Sweden is feeling like a dope after getting busted trying to buy marijuana.

However, police in Gavle, Sweden, let the man go after discovering that the bag of grass he bought was literally a bag of real grass. Oh, and some bark, reported.

Security guards tipped off officers who interrupted the deal as it was taken place, but, according to the Swedish news agency TT, the seller fled before he could be apprehended.

Initially, the 58-year-old thought he had negotiated a rock-bottom price for his purchase, having haggled the price of the grass from $62 down to a mere $15.

Of course, there was a good reason.

Peter Hultqvist, duty officer with the Gavleborg police, said a thorough investigation of the counterfeit cannabis revealed that it was perfectly legal garden-variety grass with a few bits of bark, according to UPI.

But while the baby boomer bonghead wasn’t charged with a crime, police spokesman Mikael Hedstrom said the man's actions are still considered criminal under Swedish law.

"Imagine that you order 10 kilos of amphetamine but receive common flour. You still tried to purchase narcotics so you can still be charged with an attempted drug offense," Hedstrom said.