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Niagara Falls Rescue: Two Police Saved From Edge Of Waterfall

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Two New York parks police who got lost in foggy weather had to be saved from near the edge of Niagara Falls in a daring helicopter rescue.

From the Daily News:

The pair got turned around after rescuing a group of four teens whose boat had become stranded on Niagara River at around 2 a.m. on Saturday, Canada's Niagara Parks Police Service said in a release.

Navigating the rushing tides in pre-dawn darkness and heavy fog, the duo lost their way and became stuck on some rocks about 300 yards from the falls' crest.

The officers were lifted to safety by a Canadian rescue helicopter, five hours after they were stranded.

"They could hear the falls, they could see the falls, they could smell the falls," helicopter pilot Ruedi Hafen told the Toronto Star. "It was a desperate situation for them."

"They were snow white, like a bed sheet," Hafen said. "They were very shook up and they couldn't stop thanking us. If the anchor would have let go they would have had no chance. They would have gone over. Such a little boat, such a big anchor. That saved their lives."

An Army National Guard helicopter has removed the stranded police boat, according to the AP.