06/21/2011 03:47 pm ET | Updated Aug 21, 2011

Carl Lastorino Killed By Police After Shooting Peter Argentina (VIDEO)

Police released shocking footage today of a wild shooting in East New York Monday. Carl Lastorino, son of a Lucchese mobster, stormed into Peter’s Tire and Rim Shop, screamed "Peter, this is for you!" and proceeding to shoot at 49-year-old Peter Argentina (who the Daily News reports "is affiliated with the Luchese crew").

The surveillance footage (BELOW) then flips to another room in the shop as Argentina runs for his life, Lastorino pursuing him. Argentina is hit by gunfire, but disappears off screen. Moments later, Lastorino is seen flagging a passing livery cab and hops in (yet another camera switch).

Police stop the cab and tell Lastorino to get out, at which point he jumps out of the cab, points his gun and screams that he wasn't going to taken alive, says NYPD spokesman Paul Browne. From the Wall Street Journal:

That's when the officers opened fire. Each fired one shot from a distance of about 20 feet. The suspect, identified as Carl Lastorino, 45, of Brooklyn, was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital. The motive for the shooting was not immediately clear.

Before the attempted hit, Lastorino left a note to his sister, writing, "I can no longer live as a failure." Browne believes the shooting was more a suicidal mission brought about by a depressed Mr. Lastorino.

From the New York Times:

“The working theory is this all emerged from the depressed persona of Carl,” Mr. Browne said. “Not a hit, ordered by the father or anyone else.” He added: “When he said he had a job to do, our speculation is that he thought he’d be killed in his attempt to kill Pete.”

Mr. Argentina is in stable condition.