06/21/2011 06:16 pm ET Updated Aug 21, 2011

Apple Loses Product Manager John Herbold To HealthTeacher

John Herbold, a senior product manager on iCloud for Apple has left the company.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Herbold will become the vice president of product at HealthTeacher, an online health curriculum resource for K-12 teachers.

HealthTeacher's official announcement says that Herbold will "lead the development of interactive products focused on improving youth health."

“To dramatically bend the curve on youth health," Herbold says, according to the HealthTeacher release, "we must create engaging and innovative experiences that make good health cool and aspirational—all while encouraging kids to move beyond the screen and be more active."

Of his time at Apple, Herbold wrote the following on his LinkedIn profile:

I’ve been fortunate enough to define, ship and market a variety of products for one of the world’s most admired product companies. That opportunity was a great privilege. Now I get to take that experience and apply it to the enormous challenge of materially improving youth health.

The HealthTeacher press release gave a little more info as to Herbold's role at Apple:

Most recently at Apple, John played a key role in the creation, development and launch of iCloud and led the development and marketing of Photo Stream. Prior to launching iCloud, John was a Senior Product Manager on Apple’s MobileMe team.

Herbold's is just the latest in a line of recent Apple exec departures.

Last week, Ron Johnson, former head of Apple's retail stores, left the company to assume the role of CEO at retail giant JCPenney. In March, Mac OS X head Bertrand Serlet also left Apple after 22 years with the company, as did Vice President of Global Marketing Communications Allison Johnson.