Jon Hamm Wears His White Suit All Over Again (PHOTOS, POLL)

06/21/2011 04:11 pm ET | Updated Aug 21, 2011

Jon Hamm's white suit is so nice he had to wear it twice.

At Monday night's Critics' Choice Television Awards, the "Mad Men" actor donned a sharp-looking, white, two-piece Ferragamo suit paired with a blue seersucker shirt and brown belt.

If he seemed confident in his outfit, it may be because he's already tested it out before: the TV star wore the same suit, the same belt, and almost the same shirt at Cannes last month.

This time around, however, Hamm accessorized the summer look with a rakish, off-duty beard, which sort of screams, "I don't really live in the 1960s! I'm a schlubby guy from 2011!"

Le sigh.


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