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Libya Resolution: Kerry, McCain Introduce Bill Authorizing U.S. Involvement

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Two top senators are pushing a resolution authorizing a limited role for the U.S. military in Libya.

Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry, D-Mass., and John McCain of Arizona, the senior Republican on the Armed Services Committee, planned to introduce the resolution on Tuesday. McCain spoke about the measure on the Senate floor.

He said the resolution would authorize President Barack Obama to advance U.S. national security interests as part of the international coalition challenging Moammar Gadhafi. The authority would be limited to a year.

The measure would be a counter to efforts in the House to cut off funds for the operation.

Republicans and Democrats have angrily reacted to Obama's decision to order the military operations three months ago without congressional approval.

McCain also spoke out on Libya on NBC's "Today" show Tuesday.

"I think they have a very valid point," McCain said of congressional critics such as House Speaker John Boehner who says Obama violated the War Powers Act by not seeking congressional approval for the U.S. intervention in Libya. "I wish the president would speak more to the American people about the Libyan situation."


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