06/21/2011 06:37 pm ET | Updated Aug 21, 2011

Tom Hanks Wears 'Man Spanx' In New Movie (VIDEO)

In a hilarious yet utterly confounding interview, Tom Hanks provides an excessively detailed description, complete with hand motions, of "Man Spanx."

Billy Bush of "Access Hollywood" interviewed the actor and his "Larry Crowne" co-star Julia Roberts and made sure to ask about Hanks's pantsless scene in the movie (at 1:37).

"Does this man look good in his tighty whities or what!" crowed Bush.

"Oh, you had to go there!" moaned Hanks. He then launched into a passionate monologue on the art of undies, beginning with, "As long as there have been tighty whities, there have been Man Spanx."

Cue the cupping motions and Julia Roberts's confused, cringing face.