06/22/2011 05:11 pm ET | Updated Aug 22, 2011

Latoya Jackson On Today Show: Michael Was Murdered (VIDEO)

This week marks the second anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. Sister Latoya Jackson was interviewed on "The Today Show" yesterday concerning claims that she made about her famous brother in her new book "Starting Over."

Latoya claimed that her brother feared that he would be assassinated by those who valued his prized publishing catalog. She quotes Michael as saying, "I'm even afraid to walk around in my own yard because I'm afraid they're going to kill me."

Latoya attested that Dr. Conrad Murray was simply the "fall guy" blamed for Michael's death. She also stated that she reveals Michael's true killers in the book and that "when you read the book, you will understand it completely," though, according to Matt Lauer, she never does so.

Many of Latoya's previous statements seem to be at odds with her new memoir. During Michael's molestation trials, she claimed that Michael was, in fact, a child molester. However, during the interview, Latoya argued that her former husband, Jack Gordon, made her say it.

Though she made claims in the past that her father was abusive and molested her, yesterday she said, "My father did a wonderful job raising us. When you're young, you see things differently than when you get older."


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