06/23/2011 01:19 pm ET | Updated Aug 23, 2011

Gay Marriage Bill Goes Into Overtime As Legislators Run Out Of Clothing

GOP legislators are meeting today to discuss whether the language of the marriage equality bill is good enough to bring to a vote this afternoon. If not, the senators have another thing to worry about -- clothes!

The New York Times reports today that the extended legislative session has created some pretty basic logistical concerns for assemblyman, strategists, and lobbyists alike.

Assemblyman Daniel J. O’Donnell, a Manhattan Democrat, told the Times he's running out of clean dress shirts and might have to wear an "inappropriate" short-sleeve polo underneath his suit.

Micah C. Lasher, the chief strategist in Albany for Mayor Michael Bloomberg, worried that he was on his last laundered suit and was planning a Macy's run.

But salvation may be close for the rag-tag crew in Albany.

Cuomo's public schedule has him spending the day in Albany and then going back to his home in Westchester County, Capital Tonight reports. Maybe he knows something?

And yesterday Republican senator Greg Ball called for a vote on marriage equality. He's publicly one of the few undecideds left in the split senate, having tweeted his indecision out to his followers early in the week.

Speaker Sheldon Silver, however, told members of the Assembly that they'll probably need to make another reservation at their hotel tonight, so there's no telling when these Senators will get some new dress shirts.