Mark Udall, U.S. Senator For Colorado, Wants To Help States Construct And Maintain Public Shooting Ranges

06/23/2011 10:48 am 10:48:56 | Updated Aug 23, 2011

U.S. Senator Mark Udall has introduced legislation to help states construct and maintain safe public shooting ranges.

The “Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act” (S. 1702) would increase the amount of federal funding from 75 percent to 90 percent, reducing state and local matching requirements, ensuring there are enough ranges for hunters and marksmen to practice even with continued budget cutting at the state level.

The current law, the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act, allows for an excise tax to be collected on sporting equipment and ammunition purchases. The tax revenue has then been used by states for hunter education programs and wildlife restoration, but has had limited effect on establishing and maintaining shooting ranges, which are declining in number. Udall’s bill would allow for more of that tax revenue to go directly to shooting ranges.

In a press statement, Udall had this to say about the bill:

The number of places in our communities and on public lands where Colorado sportsmen and women can safely shoot and target practice has steadily dwindled. This bill would give states more flexibility to use federal dollars – that have already been allocated to them – to create safe, new public places to shoot. It would be a triple win for sporting and conservation communities: states can create higher quality and safer shooting ranges, more Coloradans can take up the sport, and it would generate more money for future conservation and hunter education efforts.

Click here to read the “Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act” in its entirety.

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