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The Highly Questionable History Of Douche Ads

First Posted: 06/23/11 12:35 PM ET Updated: 11/15/11 06:00 AM ET

Douche Ads
In 1972, when the pill was fully available, articles from major news sources asserted that “regular douching is not necessary.” Advertisers tried to counter the truth with vague ads like this one.

Ads for douches seem to be laced with the intent to harm women's self-esteem, not to mention vaginas, as douching can actually cause infections.

But douche ads have an interesting history. The douche was originally considered a birth control method, back when birth control was illegal. Because of this, it was socially camouflaged as a "hygiene product."

From there, the ads evolved into mothers and daughters with cable-knit sweaters tied around their shoulders, having talks about "feminine odor" on the beach.

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Filed by David Moye  |