When Is It Time To Stop Accepting Parents' Money And Pay The Bill?

06/24/2011 01:15 pm ET | Updated Aug 24, 2011

Your parents have supported you since you were born, but now you’re an adult. You don't want to mooch off the 'rents forever, but you're not sure if there’s a cutoff: at what age, if any, should you start to pick up your parents' tab? This can come in one of many, many forms: our dad has been sending us care packages with coupons and the comics section since college—has the time come to return the favor?

Erika Safran, certified financial planner and owner of Safran Wealth Advisors, told us: "It’s a personal matter based on the relationship within the family. It’s based on the norm within the family, and it’s dictated by need."

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