06/24/2011 12:34 pm ET | Updated Aug 24, 2011

Curtis Jay Hilty, Boulder-Area Realtor, Convicted Of Raping His Children's Babysitter, Gets Probation

Broomfield's Curtis Jay Hilty, 40, a former member of Boulder Area Realtor Association board of directors, convicted of raping his children’s 20-year-old babysitter, will spend 30 days in jail and 20 years on probation -- completely avoiding a prison sentence.

The Boulder Daily Camera reports that District Judge Thomas Ensor said he he chose probation because of Colorado’s vague sex offender sentencing laws which could lead to Hilty spending his life in prison if sentenced to a lesser amount of prison time. Colorado state law gives corrections officials the ability to extend prison terms in some sex offender cases if the convicted are deemed to be at risk to re-offend.

Hilty was found guilty of felony sex assault on a helpless victim and felony sex assault, overcoming a vicitm’s will, according to The Denver Post. The jury found that Hilty had sex with his children’s babysitter, a family friend whom he had known since she was born, while she was asleep.

The Daily Camera reports that the babysitter had gone to Hilty’s house to babysit, Hilty had already been drinking and opened up a bottle of wine for the two to share. The victim fell asleep around 11 p.m. and when she awoke, Hilty was performing oral sex on her and began to have intercourse with her. The victim pushed Hilty off of her, got dressed and ran out of the house when a passing motorist took her to the hospital, CBSDenver reports.

In a statement made in The Daily Camera, the victim said:

It's ruined my life, and he's known me since I was born. I want him to sit and think about what he's done to me. I want him to be horrified by his actions, because if he is not horrified, then God help him.