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Jon Stewart And Bruce Headlam, New York Times Editor, Talk 'Page One' (VIDEO)

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New York Times media editor Bruce Headlam appeared on Thursday's "Daily Show" to discuss "Page One," the documentary about his newspaper, with Jon Stewart.

Headlam was a last-minute replacement for Andrew Rossi, director of the movie, but he acquitted himself well. He told Stewart that he was initially opposed to the idea of the documentary, which follows him and the reporters of the Times' media desk.

"The last film crew that had been in was from 'The Daily Show,' and that had not gone nearly as well," he said. "I was not in favor of it at all."

Headlam also said that his desk was hardly the most important at the Times. "Nobody's shooting at us," he said. "We cover Fox News." ("They love you," Stewart joked.)

Stewart noted the many convulsions in the media industry that the film documents, and asked why the Times and other media outlets were having such difficulties.

"It still feels like content is always king," Stewart said. "Maybe the Times' editorial authority is not what it was, but if you establish the idea of trusted content, what difference does it make where it's distributed?"

"Well, the one difference it makes is that we make a lot more money in a newspaper than we do online," Headlam said.


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