06/24/2011 09:30 am ET | Updated Aug 24, 2011

Jon Stewart Takes On Obama's Afghanistan Exit Strategy (VIDEO)

Obama pulled off an impressive feat this week when he addressed the nation about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan: neither side of the aisle seemed to like it.

Similarly, on Thursday night's "Daily Show" Jon Stewart said "That's It?" to Obama's announcement that 10,000 troops would be home by the end of the year and 30,000 more by next summer. His argument is that it would take Obama a year and half to remove the troops he put there a year and a half ago and the troop level will still be above where it was when he took office.

"Somehow he has found and touched America on our anti-G-spot," Stewart said.

The speech, which was given in the part of the White House Stephen Colbert calls the "I Killed Bin Laden Room," also revealed more of the Obama Doctrine. The President stated his strategy of sending targeted forces instead of large amounts of troops overseas. Stewart took issue with this because, well, we already have large amounts of troops overseas that we need to bring home.

"The Obama doctrine appears to be, 'In the future I will try not to get us embroiled in so many money and life-sucking clusterf**ks,'" Stewart said.

Watch the full clip below to hear the differences between the Bush and Obama doctrines, as well as a new Stewart Doctrine that offers a fresh new strategy for leaving Afghanistan.


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