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Keith Olbermann's Gay Marriage Special Comment: 'It Is About Love' (VIDEO)

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Keith Olbermann delivered a Special Comment on his Thursday show, fervently expressing his hope that gay marriage will be legalized across the country.

It's at least the second such Special Comment Olbermann has made on the subject; in 2008, he gave a highly emotional monologue in the wake of the Prop. 8 vote in California. Olbermann repeated some of his words from that segment in his Thursday comment.

Olbermann's statement came as New York is struggling to clear the last hurdle blocking passage of gay marriage in the state legislature, and as President Obama spoke to gay donors at a New York City fundraiser and punted on the issue.

Olbermann repeated his assertion that gay marriage can only be a good thing.

"It won't destroy the democracy," he said. "It doesn't destroy the family. It strengthens the institution of marriage ... If you want to categorize people, you should categorize them on their honesty, their sincerity, their generosity."

He dismissed the argument that gay marriage hurts children because their parents are exposing them to homosexuality.

"The list of risks to children created by their parents is nightmarishly long, and standing there being all gay around them is probably no higher than number 206," he joked.

Finally, Olbermann repeated some of his words from 2008.

"There is an ever-growing acceptance of what I said three years ago," he said. "This is, as corny as it seems, not about power or politics or lobbying. It is about love ... and your acceptance of their love turns out to be your own expression of love to your fellow human being."


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