06/24/2011 04:15 pm ET | Updated Aug 24, 2011

Wedding Guest Costs: Do You Know How Expensive Wedding Season Is?

Remember last week when we pointed you to "Dance Through Wedding Season on a Budget," a piece by our friends at SavvySugar on how to get through the summer's weddings as financially unscathed as possible.

One of our readers, Rachel Thomas, pointed us to a relevant post and post and nifty-yet-frightening infographic on EngagementExperts.com.

"We, like many, always considered the wedding expenses of the bride and groom (and their families) but never thought about the financial aspects of being a guest," write the Engagement Experts. "... With the average American attending two weddings per year, it turns out we spend close to a $1000 just to be a guest and at least another $150 on gifts."

And if that doesn't quite drive home how much it costs to be a guest, check out the graphic below. Somehow that open bar isn't looking as free as it did before ...

Cost to Wedding Guests

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