06/27/2011 11:35 am ET | Updated Aug 27, 2011

Cindy Joseph, Boomer Model: 'We're Not Sitting On The Front Porch Knitting & Rocking Ourselves Away' (VIDEO)

San Francisco's KGO-TV caught up with Cindy Joseph, 60, of Yonkers, New York. With her long, gray mane and seemingly healthy relationship with her body, Joseph's line of work might surprise you -- she's a model.

She told cameras, "For me, a model was 18 years old, 18 feet tall and 18 pounds. I never dreamed that I would be modeling." She recalled being discovered by Steven Meisel after she stopped dyeing hair and signing with Ford Models' "Classic" division.

Joseph explained, "It's not about aspiring to youth anymore. We're people who enjoy who we are and what we are, we're enjoying our lives, so we would like to see peers in ads. So they're using people like me and now it's going like wildfire. If you look at the baby boomer generation, every single decade of our lives, we have reinvented what's gone on before. We're not sitting on the front porch knitting and rocking ourselves away."

Like many models, Joseph has other deals on the side -- specifically her own line of makeup called Boom!, based on a "pro-age instead of anti-age" philosophy.