Colorado Public Radio Launching New Alternative Music Station For Denver Metro Area

06/27/2011 03:17 pm ET | Updated Aug 27, 2011

Beginning this fall, Colorado Public Radio (CPR) will start broadcasting a new music station on 1340 AM in the Denver metro area and online at their website. The station will focus on current, contemporary alternative music from the past 15 years as well as earlier music that inspired it.

Mike Flanagan, manager of the new music station, talks about the vision and mission of 1340 AM in a press statement:

This station will be for radio, computer and mobile listeners who want to understand the inspiration and background of genres and performers, the people and places that influence their sound and where to hear them live and local. Colorado plays a big part in this. You'll hear a lot of current local artists as well as those who came before. So, in a given hour you might hear a mixture of rock, country, soul, folk, world, roots, and blues. It'll be a fun and educational destination, complete with interviews, exclusive previews, vinyl classics and much more.

Flanagan comes from Boulder’s Radio 1190 (KVCU), where he worked as general manager since 2005.

CPR will continue to broadcast news on 90.1 FM and classical music on 88.1 FM in Denver and other stations statewide.