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Create Your Own Religion Competition

First Posted: 06/27/11 02:48 PM ET   Updated: 08/27/11 06:12 AM ET

You’ve got the long hair, the nice bushy beard, and lots of beliefs, but you don’t have the 2.2 billion adherents worldwide. Or perhaps you’re chubby and like to sit cross-legged, but no one is making statues of you. Or maybe you’re a mediocre sci-fi writer that wants people speaking your psuedoscience.

Well now you can be the next Jesus, the next Buddha, or even the next L. Ron Hubbard. Sign up now to create-your-own religion. You name it, write down the beliefs, rituals, and holidays. We will then post the best submissions on our site and allow you to compete for followers.

All religions had to start somewhere. There are 7 billion people out there who need something to believe, bring out your inner missionary and get converting!

UPDATE: We have closed submissions. We received 906 religions from Huffington Post readers. Over the next couple weeks, we will be slowly adding submissions to the slideshow. Sorry for the delay.

Here are the submissions so far. If yours isn't there yet, please be patient. We're constantly adding to it!

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Beliefs: We worship the almighty game. Tetris = God. God > You. Thus we worship Tetris, in hopes that we will be provided with the blocks we need to complete our goal.Rituals:Each day of the week corresponds with an almighty block of Tetris.

Monday is the line block. On this day you must dedicate 15 minutes of your day to waiting in line.

Tuesday is the J block. On this day you must drink juice while jay-walking.

Wednesday is the L block. On this day you must be as logical as possible. Keep in mind, questioning your deity would be illogical. He will smite you. Big time.

Thursday is the square block. On this day you must mess stuff up for other people. show no remorse.

Friday is the S block. On this day you must find a snake, and tell it a bedtime story. Preferably from Tetris: The Holy Text. Although stories involving Captain Underpants are also acceptable.

Saturday is the T block. Drink some Orange god-dam pekoe. (that's a kind of tea btw,)

Sunday is the Z block. On this day you must say Zed, instead of Zee. Like how the Canadians pronounce it.
Holidays:On May 11th we celebrate Indian National Technology Day, and Minnesotan Statehood day.trtguy
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