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Pawlenty's PAC Still Helping Michele Bachmann Raise Money

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Michele Bachmann has once again announced that she is running for president, this time at an in-person news conference in Waterloo, Iowa. (She's been doing so well in the polls since announcing her decision the first few times, that she might just keep on announcing this all the way through Inauguration 2013, so get excited for that!)

But now that she's more announced than ever, you may be wondering, "How can I donate money to Michele Bachmann?" Well, she's getting a big leg up thanks to Tim Pawlenty, who maybe can't remember that he is also running for president? Who knows at this point? But on Twitter, Zach Edwards has made a good catch: if you browse out to Pawlenty's PAC website, you can still make donations to Bachmann.

Before Bachmann ended up one of Pawlenty's presidential rivals, hitching his wagon to her rising star was a critical part of Pawlenty's overall strategy. Back in April 2010, in the days before Bachmann and Sarah Palin made a joint appearance at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Pawlenty snapped up the "" domain name and redirected traffic to his own site. Because why not? It's not like Pawlenty had anything better to do at the time.

Right now, the donation solicitation for Bachmann takes top billing, above Pawlenty's own "Freedom First" PAC. We imagine that won't be the case for much longer.

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