Glenn Beck Mocks David Carr's 'Real Time' Remarks With Mentally Disabled Impression (VIDEO)

06/28/2011 10:41 am ET | Updated Aug 28, 2011

Glenn Beck continued to take issue with The New York Times' David Carr Monday evening for negative remarks Carr made on "Real Time" about middle America, this time using a mentally disabled impression to illustrate the insult.

In the clip from his Fox News program below, Beck quotes what Carr said last Friday on Maher's show -- that middle America is home to those with "low-sloping foreheads" -- and mocks that "elites" can't learn anything from them. He then slurs his speech and contorts his face and hands to suggest mental defect while sarcastically thanking Carr as if his comment were a compliment.

Since "Real Time" aired, Carr has apologized on Twitter for the remarks.

On Beck's Monday morning radio show Beck issued a dark warning that comments like Carr's can "lead to death camps," further asking, "Why not kill the low-sloping foreheads?"

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