Hiding Assets In Divorce: Five Ways You Know Your Husband Is Holding Out

06/28/2011 04:40 pm ET | Updated Aug 28, 2011

When news of Representative Anthony D. Weiner's lewd online behavior broke a few weeks ago, his wife, Huma Abedin, was reportedly devastated.

To some, her reaction, itself, was a revelation. By all accounts, Ms. Abedin is a smart, sophisticated and accomplished woman. Why didn't she know what her husband was doing? How did he keep these inappropriate online exchanges a secret from her?

Sadly, I see similar scenarios play out all too frequently with other intelligent, sophisticated and successful women. Of course, I'm not talking about husbands who surreptitiously engage in bawdy online behavior.  Instead, I'm talking about husbands who are up to financial dirty tricks, hiding assets and/or income from their spouse during their marriage and especially once the possibility of divorce is on the horizon.

As surprising at it may sound, hiding assets can be extremely easy to do --especially when one spouse (typically the man) handles the finances, and the other spouse (typically the woman) is unaware, uninvolved, uninformed and perhaps even uninterested in the details of the family finances.

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