Smurfette Models: 'Smurfs' Character Struts It For Harper's Bazaar

06/28/2011 08:41 am ET | Updated Aug 28, 2011

Not that she has much competition in Smurfville -- she's one of only two ladies in town, and was there way before Sassette ever entered the mushroom house village -- but Smurfette still likes to look her best.

(After all, back when she had dark hair and uglier threads, she nearly destroyed the place, so it's a serious matter of style meets survival).

As such, and in honor of last weekend's International Smurf Day and the new Smurf movie, due out July 29th, the intrepid crew at Harper's Bazaar teamed up with the mini blue diva to create a high fashion photo shoot with accessories that shows off her best assets (um, insert asset here).

Let's just hope she didn't make any anti-semitic or racist comments while there.

Check out a few photos from the shoot below, and, once entranced by her high society beauty, head over to Harper's for the rest.


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